Long-lasting Relationship is Istidraj, How Come?

Long-lasting Relationship in Islam is istidraj
Long-lasting Relationship in Islam is istidraj (Freepik.com - Almuhtada.org)

Almuhtada.org – Nowadays, it seems that dating has been taken for granted.

Not a few young people now have a dating style that is out of line like a husband-and-wife relationship.

Increasingly contaminated with a culture that continues to develop so that it does not rule out the possibility in terms of dating already ignoring religion.

It’s like that dating is used as introduction to marriage, even though if they responded to a marriage that can do many things. Even sadly, appeared some trends in dating like the longest of dating, accompanied from zero.

To the point that the pretext of dating is lasting, the behavior in dating it’s like husband-and-wife. Not necessarily dating.

Even though, f that person is really a Muslim, let alone halal, there is no contract between the two people who are dating.

However, if we reflect on the advice in Islam is that go and study Islamic knowledge until you understand that long-term dating even dating so many years it’s not because Allah approves, but it’s called istidraj, it means that Allah doesn’t care about a servant of his.

Istidraj in islam means that Allah let that servant enjoying all the pleasures in his life is the only pleasure even if it is sinful, until a servant feels that Allah is pleased with him.

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The servant feels that he is very happy and calm.

Because there are no warnings, Allah then return the servant in a state of disobedience.

So, whoever is still in a relationship, try to think again perhaps Allah has reminded us through his guidance.

But you put it aside just because of the feeling of love, or even your lust that is very passionate. Or you stayed with that word dating until a long-term relationship then there is no restlessness or anxiety.

Try to think that this dating thing is included in the sin but there is no warning from Allah.

Whether Allah doesn’t care about his servants, maybe you consider it a gift but if you look at it from a deeper Islamic perspective it is a calamity.

Just like it has already been mentioned in the Quran Surah Al- A’raf:32

“We will let them go gradually (towards destruction), in a way that they do not know.”

But the people who is in istidraj often doesn’t know about it. Because their busyness with their happiness they have.

Hopefully, this will be an intermediary towards awareness in picking up guidance for souls who are lost in a false dream called the valley of sin. [] Fahdina Dean Yustisia

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Editor: Mohammad Rizal Ardiansyah

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