Ahead of the Judgment Day, Believers Will Die from This Wind

Illustration of the wind that makes people die on judgement day
Illustration of the wind that makes people die on judgement day (Freepik.com - Almuhtada.org)

Almuhtada.org – The day of the judgment is the day where life on earth ends. And also at that day, all of the universe will be destroyed. Even though it hadn’t happened yet, all of the Muslim must believe the coming of that destruction.

Before coming of the destruction, there’s a characteristic of the judgment day that appear first. One of them is a gentle breeze from Yaman.

The breeze was purposely brought by Allah SWT to take the lives of all believers. That is why the horrors of the judgment day will only feel by disbelievers and hypocrites.

A Breeze as Gentle as The Sutra That Takes the Life of a Believer on The Day of Judgment

There are a number of arguments that indicate the future coming of the gentle breeze towards on the day of judgment. The breeze as illustrate is very gentle, even more than silk fabric.

“Indeed, Allah will send the breeze from Yaman which is gentler than silk fabric, that breeze He will not leave anyone in whose heart there is faith as heavy as a mustard seed, but he will take it away.” (Narrated by Muslim).

From the hadith, we know that the gentle breeze It does not just blow, but also takes away the lives of believers. Whether their faith is great or as small as a mustard seed, they will be “saved” from the devastation of the end of the world.

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Another narration details, the breeze will sneak through under the armpits, then takes the spirits of the believers.

Besides gentle, hadith from which narrated by Abdullah bin Amr bin Ash RA, Rasulullah SAW mentioned that, the gentle breeze will also be very sweet smell like perfumed oil.

Will Appear After the Death of the Dajjal and the Coming of the Prophet Isa AS

Only Allah knows when will the gentle breeze will come near the end of the judgment. However, reported by Almanhaj, in one of the hadith which narrated by Muslim from Abdullah bin Amr, Rasulullah said:

“The Dajjal came out… (then he narrated the hadith in which it is stated:) Then Allah sent ‘Isa b. Maryam as if he were ‘Urwah b. Mas’ud, and he searched for him (the Dajjal) and destroyed him. Then the people stayed for seven years during which there was no enemy between two people. Then, Allah sent a cold wind from the direction of the Sham, no one on earth had the goodness or faith of a mustard seed in his heart but Allah removed it, even if one of you entered the middle of a mountain, the breeze would enter him so that he would remove it.

In the opinion of the hadith above had explained that the breeze as gentle as a gentle fabric will maybe blow after the death of Dajjal killed by Nabi Isa AS, and also after the entire inhabitants of the earth became Muslims and lived in peace for seven years.

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Either from Yemen or Sham

The most popular opinion is that the wind on the Day of Judgment will come from Yemen. This is as mentioned in the hadith in the previous section.

“Indeed, Allah will send a wind from the direction of Yemen that is gentler than silk …” (narrated by Muslim)

However, there is also a hadith from Abdullah bin Amr, Rasulullah said that a gentle breeze that will take the lives of believers will come from the direction of Sham. For information, at present, the Sham includes the countries of Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.

So, which one is right? Referring to the Almanhaj page, there are two possibilities. First, there could be two winds coming from two places, namely Sham and Yemen. Second, it is possible for a wind to start from one place and then blow to another place.

There will not be a single person left who still remembers Allah

Regardless of when or where he came from, what is certain is that the gentle breeze before the end of the judgment will remove all believers whose hearts still mention the name of Allah.

If all believers have died, then who will be left? The remaining humans are the wicked and wicked people.

“When they (people) were living in such a condition (peace and prosperity for seven years), Allah sent a gentle breeze that took them and took the life of every believer and Muslim so that only evil people remained. They will be at war with each other, just as donkeys are at war with each other. It is with them that the Hour will occur.” (Muslim: Kitabul fitan no. 5228).

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Another hadith even called them worse than the people of Jahiliah. From the Sharia Consultation page, the Companion Abdullah bin Amr bin Ash RA once said:

“The judgment day will only happen at the ugliest human being. They will be uglier than Jahiliya people. Every prayer Allah will surely reject their prayers.” (narrated by Muslim 1924 and Ibn Hibban 6836).

After all believers have been removed from the face of the earth, then the day of the judgment will begin. Only evil people and people with bad faith will witness the horror of the destruction of the universe on the Last Day.

“The time of Judgement will not come until there will no longer be anyone on earth who says, ‘Allah… Allah…'” (Ahmad no. 12043, Muslim no. 148).

This is a summary of information about the gentle breeze from Yemen that will blow on the Day of Judgment to take away the spirits of all believers. Share this article with your relatives and friends so that they also know! [] Fahdina Dean Yustisia

Editor: Mohammad Rizal Ardiansyah

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