The Love Story of the Prophet’s Friend Handzalah and Jamilah

Ilustrasi Gambar kisah cinta Handzalah dan Jamilah ( - – Handzalah bin Abu Amir is a friend of the Prophet who is famous for his physical strength and fighting spirit in defending Islam. Meanwhile, Jamilah bint Tha’labah was a beautiful and intelligent woman who also became a friend of the Prophet.

The two of them met on their way to Medina and from there feelings of love started to grow between them. However, their love did not go smoothly. Handzalah was very busy with his struggle activities, so he could not give enough attention to Jamilah.

However, Jamilah did not give up so easily. She kept trying to get Handzalah’s attention and affection. She even asked the Nabi Muhammad for permission to marry Handzalah, but the Prophet refused because Handzalah was still too busy with his duties as a friend of the Prophet.

Jamilah did not give up hope. She continued to pray and try to be a better woman, patient, respectful of time and loyal to Allah. Day by day, Handzalah became more and more impressed with Jamilah’s attitude and behavior. He finally realized how much he loved Jamilah.

After a long struggle, Handzalah and Jamilah were finally united in marriage. Their struggle proves that true love is patient love, respect and love that obeys Allah.

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After Handzalah married Jamilah bint Abdullah in Medina. The journey of love between the two is known to be touching because he had to prioritize his love for Allah, Handzalah had to fight after the first night of his marriage.

Handzalah went to war while junub and carrying his sword. During the battle of Uhud, Handzalah was hit by arrows and spears and died. When he was found, Handzalah died as a syahid with wet hair and no blood.

Everyone was shocked to see Handzalah’s body, the Prophet’s friend told him that he was in junub after getting married. The Prophet also said that Handzalah died a syahid, he had been bathed by the angels because of his determination in defending Islam.

The news of Handzalah’s death reached Jamilah who was waiting for her husband’s return. Her heart was filled with deep sadness. She did not expect to be widowed so soon.

The fall of Handzalah carved a heartfelt and moving love story of the Prophet’s friend. But Jamilah remained patient and sincere in letting go of her husband to the lap of Allah SWT. Since then, Handzalah has been nicknamed Ghasilul Malaikah, a person who is purified by the angels. [] Fahdina Dean

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