Things You Should Know About Mujahir

Muhajir, a sin that will not be forgiven
Muhajir, a sin that will not be forgiven ( - – Mujahir is one of the sins that will not be forgiven by Allah other than shirk. It’s because, it’s already explained in the hadith Sahih mutafaq alaih narrated by Imam al-Bukhari and Muslim. From Abu Hurairah, Rasulullah SAW said:

كل أُمتي مُعَافًى إلا المُجاهرين …

“Every one of my Ummah will be forgiven, except the mujahirin.”

Syaikh Salim bin Ied Al Hilali in the book of Syarah Riyadhush Shalihin volume 4 (2005) explained that the meaning of Muhajirin is people who commit sin and announce it with pride.

In the same hadith, it also explained the characteristics and signs of mujahir actions. A person who had done done mujahir if he commits an offense at night and Allah covers the deed, then in the morning he removes the veil of Allah from himself and said: Hi Fulan, I did this and that”

From the explanation above, we can summarize that mujahir is the same thing as exposing one’s own shame and feeling proud of it.

Blatantly committing a sin or exposing one’s own shame is an act of sin beyond the sin committed. It is because it is an act of defiance and belittling the majesty of Allah.

The impact of mujahir actions

  1. Deadly heart
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The most worrying impact of sin is a deadly heart, so there is no desire to repent. The characteristic of a deadly heart is he repented to Allah, but his repentance was limited to the tongue because his heart was bound to sin.

  1. Destroying common sense

Sins can destroy the Muslim common sense. In Islam, sense is light. Meanwhile sins can darken the light. If a person makes a sin, the sense will defiantly be closed with those sins. Because if that sense is functioning, that person will that do that sin, because he is afraid of Allah.

  1. Getting bad luck

Among the effects of sinning is to be humiliated and bad luck while in this world. If a person has been humiliated in front of Allah, then no one can honor him.

  1. Cursed by Allah

Blatantly committing sin also makes the perpetrator take sin lightly. This is a sign of destruction. This is because the more sin is in the view of a servant, the greater it is in the view of Allah. Mujahir behavior is also a characteristic of an arrogant person who can bring Allah’s curse. [] Fahdina Dean Yustisia

Editor: Mohammad Rizal Ardiansyah

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