Evilness Repaid with Kindness

Do good to each other
Do good to each other (Pixabay.com - Almuhtada.org)

Almuhtada.org – Every person is never allowed to do evil things and doing revenge. And taught us that always be kind even if evil things always come to us.

In daily life, there’s always a person that hates us, whether those who are wrongdoers, people that do bad things, either in the form of insults, diatribes, etc. Allah SAW says in the Qur’an Surah Fussilat:34 which means:

“And good is not the same as evil. Reject (the evil) in a better way, so that the one between whom you had enmity will be like a loyal friend.”

If there’s someone doing some bad things to you, either the way they speak or their actions, then repay them with kindness. Allah SWT also says in the Al Quran surah Ady-Syura:40 which means:

“So, whoever forgives and does good (to the wrongdoer), his reward is from Allah. Indeed, He does not like the wrongdoers.”

This is a beautiful teaching in Islam, where every Muslim is required to repay the badness of others with kindness. Because only Allah gives His guidance and guidance to us as His servants. In our daily lives, some of us have done something good to others, but instead, those people have done something bad to us. And some of us might feel angry, sad, hurt, or even normal if we get treated like that. There are two good things we should do.

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One of the first kindness is that we should do is solely to gain the pleasure of Allah SWT. And secondly, the kindness is done to gain human pleasure. The kindness that is done for the sake of getting the pleasure of Allah SWT will certainly get a reward.

However, the kindness that is done to gain human pleasure, for example, which is related to worldly matters and has nothing to do with the affairs of the hereafter or searching for the pleasure of Allah SWT, then the reply we will get is of course from humans as well. Therefore, we must always remember that what we do must be solely for searching the pleasure of Allah SWT.

Because Allah SWT will never disappoint His servants. If we pin our hopes on humans then all we will get is disappointment. May we all always do kindness whenever and wherever we are, and solely to get the reward and pleasure of Allah SWT. [] Fahdina Dean Yustisia

Editor: Mohammad Rizal Ardiansyah

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