The Story of the Prophet and the Whip in the Hands of ‘Ukashah

Gambar ilustrasi kisah nabi dan cambuk 'Ukashah ( - – What a great virtue of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Throughout his life, he became a good role model for humans. Therefore, it is really lucky for those who lived during his lifetime and believed in the message he brought.

There is no one who hates the Prophet SAW unless his heart is covered with envy. Rasulullah SAW is a virtuous person. Even though he was guaranteed to enter heaven, he still did practices in a wara’ manner, which is full of caution so as to avoid everything that is haram.

Once, before his death, the Prophet gathered his followers. To them, the Prophet said.

“O Muslims, indeed I am a prophet, a guide, and a caller to Allah by His permission. For you, I am as helpless as a father and mother sibling. So whoever among you I have ever hurt, get up and avenge me, before it comes later on the Day of Judgment,” he said.

Listening to that, all the followers were silent, not saying a word. Three times in a row the Prophet appealed to anyone among them to repay the deeds he had done in full.

Suddenly, a man stood up. His name was ‘Ukashah. He then approached the Prophet and said, “O Rasulullah, if you had not appealed to the people three times, surely no one would dare to make me come to you.”

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“What do you want, O ‘Ukashah?” asked the Prophet.

‘Ukasyah then told his testimony during the Battle of Badr. He recalled that at that time the camel he was riding suddenly lost control, so it preceded the Prophet’s camel. In fact, ‘Ukasyah had a little bit left the group of Muslim troops.

“When I got off my camel and approached you, that’s when you suddenly swung the whip, so it hit my body. I did not know at the time, whether you intended to whip me or the camel,” he said.

The Prophet SAW understood the situation. So he told Bilal bin Rabah to ask for a whip from Fatima at his house. The daughter of the Prophet SAW was surprised, why Bilal asked for a whip, while the one who was told did not explain anything.

In the mosque, the followers had gathered. They were actually holding back their anger towards ‘Ukashah. Why did this man have the heart to ask for qisash, which is to punish the Prophet SAW with a whip? However, the Prophet SAW had acted firmly. Payback should be fulfilled. Do not let it become a matter in the hereafter.

When Bilal arrived, he handed the whip to ‘Ukashah. Abu Bakr and Umar immediately confronted the fellow. “O ‘Ukasyah, take the whip and let me be whipped. We are not willing for you to whip the Prophet,” they said almost at the same time.

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“Sit down, Allah knows the position of both of you,” ordered the Prophet.

Not only Abu Bakr and Umar actually. All the companions and Muslims there wanted to replace the Prophet SAW as the target of ‘Ukasyah’s whipping.

However, the Prophet SAW had already dropped instructions. “‘Ukasyah, whip me. Do it if I have done wrong to you!” said the Prophet.

“O Messenger of Allah, when you whipped me during the Battle of Badr, my body was not covered by a cloth,” explained ‘Ukasyah again.

So the Prophet took off his shirt, exposing the skin of his back and stomach. All the Companions showed their dislike for ‘Ukashah’s action.

Suddenly, ‘Ukasyah released the whip and immediately hugged the Prophet SAW from behind. He also kissed the Prophet’s back.

“I want to hug you, Rasulullah, so that my skin touches your skin. What a honor for me if I can do it,” said ‘Ukasyah who was now in tears.

The followers, who had been nervous, now joined in the excitement. They understood the intention of ‘Ukashah who only wanted to hug the most noble person tightly. [] Fahdina Dean


Editor : Moh. Aminudin

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